Creating a “Safe Place”

To be a community where people experience the healing grace of Christ we must know how to be “safe people” and create “safe places”. This is especially true when the healing is in the area of sexual brokenness.

One Calling for both Single and Married Persons

The second chapter of Genesis is almost always used exclusively to reveal God’s design of marriage. While that certainly is a significant aspect of Genesis there is another vitally important teaching imbedded in Genesis two: that there is one calling for both single and married persons.

Jesus and Gender

This has helped me. Perhaps it will help you. Perhaps not.

Jesus and Defilement

Barb Knuckles has sent me some very thoughtful and helpful writings she has done in the area of our sexual brokenness and healing in this area. I asked Barb if I could share some of these thoughts on my pastor’s blog and she graciously said “Yes.” I found this particular writing on Jesus and Defilement very helpful. I have been meditating on how Jesus is pure and not defiled by us and able to bring healing into those places of defilement in our lives.


Think of the church standing her ground against the powerful idolization of sex in our culture (and in our own hearts) as a rugby scrum, that part of a rugby match where the two teams link arms and legs and push against each other. That is the kind of force of exertion that is needed for the church to be faithful to Her Lord and her call to be God’s new society today.

Biblical Principles of Godly Sexuality

The discipline of celibacy can make you kinder, wiser, more noble than you ever dreamed. Obedience always causes one to suffer but it gives a weight of glory; In the language of John Bunyan, it makes one a “Greatheart.”

Godly Sexuality: Three Theological Assumptions

We are people of hope not only for ourselves but for others because we have experienced the amazing, pursuing, rescuing, freeing, forgiving, redeeming, restoring, regenerating, relentless grace of God.

Reflections on Godly Sexuality

In these Reflections I hope to present Scripture’s vision for godly sexuality in such a way that skeptics and seekers might understand, if not appreciate, the Christian sexual doctrine and ethic, and that my brothers and sisters in Christ might be more and more delighted to walk in God’s design for their sexuality and so be formed into that sanctorum communio that is a witness to the suffering and sanctifying power of Christ.

Fall Sermon Series

On September 18th, we are beginning the third part of our “Faithful Presence” series. Part one focused on mercy and justice while part two focused on identity and vocation. In the third part of this series, we will be focusing on “godly sexuality.”

This will be a ten week preaching series. Along with the preaching series we will be offering a number of different “paths” to press into this important area of our lives.

Responsible Action

This Sunday we will consider the ninth and tenth chapters of Esther and consider how to step out in responsible and concrete action in the midst of the moral complexities and ambiguities of life.