Our Sunday Classes, CT&T (Christian Teaching and Training), are a place for you to go deeper into God’s word in community, guided by leaders who want to help bring God’s truth to bear on every corner of your life. Our classes will not only make you think, but impact your heart and life as well. Classes meet between services, 10:00-10:50 a.m. beginning the 11th of September.


Gospel Disciplines

For those who seek to mature in Christ-likeness, this class will look at the processes of putting our sin to death and growing in spiritual disciplines. 

Fall and Spring, Led by Aaron Gardner, The Speck Gallery (Formerly Gallery 2)

Epistles: 1 John, 1 & 2 Peter

Join in a study of these beloved letters, written to the early church to establish and encourage them in their faith through adversity. 

Fall and Spring, Ryan and Kate Brumbaugh, The Underground


This prophetic book can be intimidating, but this class will guide you through its themes and highlight the prophecies concerning the Suffering Servant. 

Fall and Spring, Led by Ryan Johnson and Jamie MacGregor, Art Mix Room 146 January, moving Hank and Dolly's Gallery February

Creative Class

This class is a place for creative souls to gather together for prayer, encouragement, and exploration of how the gospel impacts an artist’s life. 

Fall and Spring, Led by Kyle Ragsdale, Artist Studio 280