Our Sunday Classes, CT&T (Christian Teaching and Training), are a place for you to go deeper into God’s word in community, guided by leaders who want to help bring God’s truth to bear on every corner of your life. Our classes will not only make you think, but impact your heart and life as well. Classes meet between services, 10:00-10:50 a.m. beginning the 11th of September.


everyday gospel

Busyness. Craft beer. Smartphones. HGTV’s Fixer Upper. Piano lessons and soccer practice. The stuff of everyday life. What does the gospel have to do with all that?

This class will help us have a better story for interpreting everyday life and then living out our role in the story. We’ll unpack God’s big story and our story in it and apply that to all sorts of practical topics. Prepare to be liberated and challenged as we believe in the everyday gospel together.

This class is lead by Charles and Erin Anderson, and meets in the Underground Gallery.

For more information contact Charles Anderson []. 


Creative class

This class is a place for creative souls to gather for prayer, encouragement, and exploration of how the gospel impacts an artist’s life. The class is designed so that people can drop in and out as their schedule allows.

Kyle Ragsdale leads this class in his studio.

For more information contact Kyle at [] 



This class dives into the longest and most systematic of the apostle Paul’s letters. Themes will include how the gospel is God’s power for salvation, receiving righteousness through faith, justification from sin, living out one’s belief in Jesus as a sacrifice to God, and more.

This class meets in the Speck Gallery and is led by Dan Barber.

For more information contact Jamie MacGregor at []