Our Sunday Classes, CT&T (Christian Teaching and Training), are a place for you to go deeper into God’s word in community, guided by leaders who want to help bring God’s truth to bear on every corner of your life. Our classes will not only make you think, but impact your heart and life as well. Classes meet between services, 10:00-10:50 a.m. beginning the 11th of September.


Creation Care Class

Care for creation is a hot-button topic before us today. From global warming in the news, conservation efforts taught in school, to climate change models debated in governmental policy, this issue presses us to consider what God says about it. What is our part with environmental issues as followers of Jesus? What is the role of the church today in this important topic? The answer may surprise you! To find out, please join us for an eight-week series called Creation Care, starting June 4, where we will not only learn about creation care but practice it as well. 

At the heart of this class is the understanding that the Creator God renews us so that we can then be used to renew his creation We will learn and practice creation care by covering topics such as what is creation care, the command of creation care, how Christians can interact with science and the environment, how creation care affects Indy, and more! Now, if that is not enough to whet your appetite, this class will feature field trips! In other words, in the course of our study we plan to be outside, doing hands on exploration and work of creation care. 

Lastly, we are excited to have this class be inter-generational. What does this mean? This class is not only for adults but both middle and high school students as well. Even more, the elementary CT&T classes will follow a creation care curriculum and will join the adult/youth class for field trips. What better way to study God’s creation than to get outside and enjoy it together? 

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Urban Calling Class

Attend Redeemer Presbyterian Church for any length of time, and you’ll likely hear our unofficial rallying cry, that we’re “in the city, for the city.” Being situated geographically at the busy intersection of 16th and Delaware St., “in the city” makes perfect sense. But what does it mean to be “for the city?” As Redeemer members now come from urban, suburban and even rural settings, it’s a question we take seriously as we seek to live out the Gospel. 

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