Our Sunday Classes, CT&T (Christian Teaching and Training), are a place for you to go deeper into God’s word in community, guided by leaders who want to help bring God’s truth to bear on every corner of your life. Our classes will not only make you think, but impact your heart and life as well. Classes meet between services, 10:00-10:50 a.m. The summer session begins the 3rd of June.

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Life together | Singles, marrieds, and the gospel

In Life Together: Singles, Marrieds, and the Gospel, we will explore the realities of being single and married. We will challenge one another to see anew how valuable both singles and married folk are to the kingdom, and how we each preach the gospel with our lives in unique ways. How do we see Jesus through the life of a single person? Through a married person? How can our lives be enriched by sharing them across stages of life?

All adults, single or married, are invited to join us as we learn to see one another more authentically and consider ways that we can build community and nurture one another by Christ’s example and as members of the same spiritual family. 

Life Together will be taught by Charles Anderson and Aaron Gardner in the Underground Gallery. For more information, email Charles [].