Photo Credit: Mark Wikkerink

Photo Credit: Mark Wikkerink


Redeemer is joining our neighbors in building a city that, through the Gospel, brings wholeness out of brokenness, authentic community among all people and cultural renewal in every place. We are a member of the Presbyterian Church of America denomination. 

We worship corporately every Sunday morning with services at 8:30 and 11:00 with classes for adults and kids 10:00-11:00am. 


When Redeemer began in 1998, it drew its congregation primarily from the surrounding urban neighborhoods. And so, the early founders of Redeemer placed a large emphasis on their Urban Calling. This has developed as a part of Redeemer's identity, though we have expanded to have attendees that come from all over Indianapolis. To learn more about Redeemer's early "Urban Calling" mission, watch this video, listen to this, and read this


Today, we talk about our church identity using the terms "brokenness, beauty, and community." We believe that these three words describe our values and our corporate identity. 


Redeemer is a community of broken people bound together by God’s grace. We are not ashamed of our need for a Savior, and we desire to be a safe community for people to be transformed by the love of Christ. With the good news that we are loved and accepted by God through Jesus, we can be open and honest about our struggles, sadnesses, and sins.

At Redeemer we revel in our condition as sons and daughters of God — more sinful than we previously dared to admit, and yet more accepted by God than we can hope or imagine. Our leaders set the tone in ongoing repentance by removing the masks of perfection we try to hide behind. Many of us find ourselves coming alive from legalistic religiosity or from a tradition of faith that did not fit well with the real world.


Because of the beauty of Jesus Christ, we pursue beauty within our walls and beyond. We see our attraction to beauty and desire to create as a mirroring of the heart of our creator God. Therefore, we encourage and embrace creative expression in our worship spaces. Original music, visual art, literature, and more grace our sanctuary and services every week.


We seek to be a safe community where we can be who we truly are (broken and beautiful) when we are together so that all feel welcome and our need for Jesus remains what we have first in common. 


The Presbyterian denomination is unique because of its style of church government. Presbyterian churches are not led only by a lead pastor but instead by a group of elders called the session (of which the lead pastor is one). 

Redeemer Presbyterian Church is a part of the Central Indiana Presbytery. Leaders from our church meet once a month with the leaders of other CIP churches in the Indianapolis area to pray for each other. Our session meets once a month to pray for the church and discuss church business and direction/vision. 

We employ a small staff in order to be good stewards of our budget, and rely on volunteers to help run our ministries. In addition to our staff and elders, we also have a number of Deacons and Deaconesses as well as Deacon Assistants who are the front line of our mercy and justice outreach.


Redeemer Presbyterian Church considers itself to be a co-op church. This means that we employ only a small staff and rely on volunteers to run the majority of our programs. Not only does this approach allow us to steward well the resources God has given us, but it encourages the church to be an integral part of its ministry.