Limited access to the building this sunday

Good afternoon, Redeemer family!

This week, our building experienced significant flooding to the downstairs level galleries and hallways. Contaminated water flooded a large portion of the basement, making it unsafe to occupy until a thorough cleanup and carpet replacement has taken place. This process will be underway when we come together to worship on Sunday.

Here's what that means for all of us:

  • Access to the downstairs level will be limited. There will be plastic barriers in place for the inaccessible areas.

  • HisStory has been moved to the sanctuary. Please fill the middle pews close to the front.

  • The Northwest Parish Lunch will be in the Speck Gallery.

  • When your kids return from Children's Worship before Communion, they will enter through same door at the front of the sanctuary that they left through.

Sorry for the inconvenience to your usual Sunday routines. Things should be back to normal next Sunday!

Please pray for our janitorial team. They have been working hard to keep things running and help things get to a place for Sunday worship to run smoothly.

See you Sunday morning!