Our Sunday Classes, CT&T (Christian Teaching and Training), are a place for you to go deeper into God’s word in community, guided by leaders who want to help bring God’s truth to bear on every corner of your life. Our classes will not only make you think, but impact your heart and life as well. Classes meet between services, 10:00-10:50 a.m. The summer session begins the 3rd of June.


God & money

Nobody wants to talk about money. 
Even though money is part of our lives, and even though money makes us feel a range of emotions from power to fear to envy, we still do not want to talk about it. That leaves us feeling alone. 
That’s no way to live, so we’re going to talk about God, money, and the questions we’re afraid to ask. 
Join us this fall for God and Money.

August 19 - September 23   |   Underground Gallery