Redeemer decided early on that we don’t want to just be a church that has small groups, we want to be a small group church. Christian community has been a strong value at Redeemer since the beginning and we’ve seen it grow and change in ways we couldn’t have imagined or even dreamed of in those first days. The theme and emphasis on community does not refer to our Sunday worship, though this is one place community takes place. More importantly, we see community happening beyond our Sunday worship bleeding into where we live, where we work, how we use our time and how we engage the Kingdom around us.

Our community group ministry is a driving force here in that it is not just a bible study that takes place for an hour each week. Our community groups are centered on engaging in intentional Christian community where we live and how we seek to be a Kingdom presence there. In connecting people to Jesus within community groups, we believe the people of Redeemer will be growing more and more in the gospel and their identities as sons and daughters of the King. We trust this Spirit-changing work will ignite a movement of the gospel that changes Indianapolis, spiritually, socially and culturally by connecting people to Jesus. 


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To join a community group, please contact Amanda Edgell, our Parish and Community Group Coordinator, through the form on the right. Amanda will help place you in a group in your area. 

We are also always looking for new community group leaders. Please reach out to Amanda if you are interested in leading or hosting a group.