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New Hope Counseling: Anxiety & Depression Support Groups

Many people struggling with depression and anxiety don’t realize they are dealing with a common struggle. You might be struggling with depression if you feel there is a dark cloud constantly looming overhead, or you feel groggy and/or foggy on a constant basis. Nothing sounds appealing to you; you feel numb to life. You may be struggling with anxiety if you notice yourself breathing shallowly or having a constant stream of racing thoughts and feeling as though you are on guard.

New Hope Counseling will be offers both men’s and women’s support groups for those facing depression and/or anxiety. Groups meet every second and fourth Saturday mornings from 10-11am in Redeemer’s main office area. The women’s group is led by Kaylin Vincz and the men’s group is led by Aaron Gardner. For questions or if you are interested in participating contact our Pastor of Counseling, Jeff Nottingham []