Above:  Our sanctuary decorated with Easter flowers and set up for communion. Our sanctuary is often decorated with art installations created by artists in our community and congregation.   Photo Credit: Mark Wikkerink  

Above: Our sanctuary decorated with Easter flowers and set up for communion. Our sanctuary is often decorated with art installations created by artists in our community and congregation.

Photo Credit: Mark Wikkerink 

Looking for a church can be a long and intimidating process. There are so many things to consider - am I going to feel awkward? Am I going to like the music? What should I wear? The list goes on. Our aim is to make Redeemer as accessible as possible. Here are some things you might want to know, answered in plain language. 

When Should I arrive?

We have two services at Redeemer: one at 8:30 and one at 11:00. You can arrive with as much time to spare as is comfortable for you. Some people arrive early, others do not! If coming to the second service, consider that parking can be a little more difficult. Also note that we have classes during what we call the "middle hour" (10:00-10:50). You can stay after first service or come before second service to attend these. If you're not sure where to go, start by grabbing donuts or coffee in our welcome center and ask a welcome team member how to get to your class. Adult classes are listed here. Children and youth classes can be found on this page and, because our building is admittedly a little maze-like, we have a page of maps here

Where do I park?

When visiting Redeemer you can park in a small lot on the corner of 16th and Alabama, or find street parking nearby (16th, Alabama, or Delaware are the places we look first). We do have a small lot attached to our building, but it fills up early. There are several handicap spaces there if you need them.

What Should I wear?

Redeemer is a "come as you are" kind of church. Some folks feel comfortable dressing up for church but most come in casual clothing. On any given Sunday we see folks in suits, jeans, and everything in between. 

WHAT Do I Do with My Kids?

We offer a nursery service for infants through 3 year olds. This service is available from 8:15 to after second service, even through our middle hour classes. 

For kids 4-Kindergarten we offer "Children's Worship" during the sermon. Kids leave right before the sermon and are brought back after the sermon in time to be with their families as communion is served. If you're a first timer, you are welcome to drop kids of personally and stay for whatever portion of Children's Worship makes you comfortable (or just send them on their way!). 

When Do I sit, Stand, Kneel, and Speak?

Our services do have a certain amount of liturgy in them but if that's not what you are used to, have no fear. We hand out bulletins before each service with words to songs, words we all speak together, and other cues to help you follow along. We have a time of confession where the congregation is encouraged to kneel but many people choose to remain seated in the pew during this time. We stand during the scripture reading and singing. 

What's the Music Like?

Our music has sort of a folksy rock style. It isn't flashy and you'll know the lyrics by following along in a worship folder that will be handed to you when you walk into the sanctuary. Many of our songs are old hymns, reimagined hymns or original music written by musicians in our community. You can listen to some of our music here.

Can I Take Communion? How Does Communion Work?

Every week at Redeemer we celebrate something called the Lord's Supper (sometimes called Communion). This is a time where we remember who Jesus is and we renew our trust in what Jesus is doing in our lives. Since this is a time of renewing one's trust in Jesus Christ, only those who are followers of Jesus and who belong to his church should participate. This does not mean that you need to have everything together in your life to participate. The Supper is for sinners. It is for those who are weak and need encouragement. All that is needed is belief in Jesus and a desire to belong to his people. If you are searching spiritually, on a journey figuring out what it means to follow Jesus, please come forward at the Supper and meet the leaders of the church or ask for prayer.

The congregation is dismissed to take communion row by row, starting in the back of the sanctuary. You will walk up to the front of the sanctuary along with everyone else and will be given bread by an elder and wine or juice by someone else in leadership at the church. We pour wine into red cups and juice into clear cups so folks can decide which they prefer. We take communion every Sunday.

Newcomer's Lunch plain.jpg

We know that getting connected at a new church can be challenging. You’re trying to figure out how to meet people, what the church is about, where to plug in. Basically, you’re asking yourself: Does this church fit me? Do I fit this church? These are great questions, and we want to help you figure them out. 

The Redeemer pastors are excited to invite you to one of our Newcomer’s Lunches after the 11:00 service. Over a meal you will meet leaders at Redeemer and other newcomers, hear some of our story, be able to ask questions, and find out next steps. This is a great opportunity to connect more at Redeemer!

We’ll meet in the Speck Gallery shortly after the 11:00 service ends. Kids are very welcome, plus we’ll have supervised play for them in the gym. We will finish by 1:30.

For more information, email Jen Maurer! [jen.maurer@redeemindy.org]