Week of June 6th

God of heaven, your gracious hand has been upon us. You have granted us favor in the city of Indianapolis. But in our poverty of spiritual intimacy, we doubt your covenant of love for us and have forgotten the many times that you have answered our prayers and longings with a resounding “Yes.” Because we have not looked back to see your abundant provisions for us, we have come to expect you to be a harsh master.Father of compassion, give us courage to ask of you more than we have yet dared to ask. Give us faith to believe that you can and will heal our broken lives so that we will no longer be in disgrace.

We ask that we might see Indianapolis with a fresh perspective.

Help us to look without reserve at the troubles of our city, our church, our homes, and our hearts. May we admit to ourselves all that we see and then acknowledge it before you, and may we commit to doing the good work you have prepared in advance for us to do in the city.

We ask for our youth, their parents, and our youth volunteers to truly experience intimacy with Jesus and a deeper relationship with one another this week as they join together during Encounter Indy.

Give success to these young people and their leaders as they seek to love each other and to love their neighbors in the city. We pray that you would protect them, but we also pray that you would stretch them so their faith in who you are might increase. May their faith and ours be clothed in humility and accompanied by self-abandoning deeds of compassion and love.

Find a copy of the worship bulletin here.