Week of June 20th

Lord, we are poor at dealing with opposition within ourselves and from others. We are insufficient and unable to constantly stand firm.We either trust ourselves too much or think too little of ourselves. We are afraid of being hurt, so we minimize and avoid our pain, or we let it overwhelm and paralyze us. We are poor at turning to you and others for comfort, support, and strength.

David reminds us in Psalm 23, “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.” Father, thank you for the promise of your presence and might in our times of need and fear.

You are our anchor and refuge. You faced the opposition of others, the world, and Satan, and you overcame them through your death and resurrection. Give us the strength to step into the damaged, dark places of our hearts. In this, we will find you, our Wounded Healer.

By facing our own dark, fearful, and untouchable places, we are enabled to step more boldly and lovingly into other people’s lives in our city. We will not be afraid to enter into their need because we have faced into and accepted our own need.

Lord, lead us into the conflict and darkness (legalism, racism, materialism, independence, idolatry of sex, slavery of addiction, inability to find rest) of our city. Show us how you want us to step into people’s lives here in this city. Make our heart ache and long for the people around us who need you? Give us your compassion, and give us courage to follow you.

Lord, be with our brothers and sisters who are going to Kiberia. Give them strength and perseverance to walk in the spiritual darkness and hostility to Jesus that they will find in the slums.

Keep them safe in your hand, and remind them to cling to you as they face opposition there. May they bear your peace and encouragement in their hearts, words, and actions. Guard them from demonic attacks, and keep them from turning against each other in the difficulties they will face. Teach them how to fight together with the sword of your Spirit and with prayer. May they walk in the full power of Jesus’ name as they join in your redemptive work.

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