Week of June 27th

Lord, we are poor at submitting to you. It is against our nature to submit, so we want no part of it.We want to be our own gods. We do not want to submit to authority. We struggle to trust you and believe that you love us. We fear giving up control of our lives. We value certainty and predictability. But you call us into a surrendering relationship of faith and trust. Help us to submit and trust you as Lord.

Lord, we are poor at respecting and fearing you. We see fear as being scared, not as loving and respecting.

We fear many things: the approval of others, acceptance of who we are, conflict, losing control, being wrong, uncertainty of the future, not being loved and valued, and death. Help our love for you to be greater than our fears and desires. Help us to face and trust you and others with our fears, so that we can enter into the broken places of the city with love and humility. Strengthen us by your Spirit to love the people around us, rather than fearing them, and give us courage to be known in our relationship with them.

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