Week of July 11th

Lord, we are poor at following and trusting you. We do not know how or where you will lead. We fear uncertainty and unpredictability. We long for order, and we do not want to be surprised. We desire control, not submission. We look to our own devices instead of you for guidance.Lord, we are scared to surrender to you. We do not want to be hurt, so we build walls to protect ourselves from experiencing pain again. We distance ourselves from you and others to guard ourselves. We construct false walls such as: work, money, status, sex, perfection, appearance, control, family, acceptance, and our own knowledge. These walls get in the way of knowing and trusting you. Help us to let down our guard and trust you as our shield, sufficiency, and strength. By your Holy Spirit, help us to trust and believe that you love us. Move our hearts to desire to know and experience you more.

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