Week of July 25th

Father, we are poor at living a life of confession before you. We minimize, ignore, or skim over our sin. We are tired of fighting against sin.We do not hate our sin, and therefore, we do not confess it. We love the creation more than the Creator. Help us to love you more than our sin. Open our eyes to the depth, beauty, and power of your forgiveness. You are ready to forgive us, so help us to believe this good news in Jesus Christ. Free us to take you at your word that if we confess our sins, you are faithful and just to forgive us our sins, to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

Lord, strengthen us by your Spirit to fight against sin. We are weak and helpless on our own. Help us to admit this from the depths of our heart. Help us to function in the truth that your grace is sufficient for us, for your power is made perfect in weakness.

Lord, help us to surrender to you and let you fight for us. You want to fight for us. May we persevere in your Spirit towards Christ-likeness and dependence. You alone are our strength, help, and hope. Create in us a clean heart. Move our hearts to long more and more for you.

As a church, we are thankful for the unity we have with other believers. In our arrogance, we often see only our own needs, and we forget others in our hearts. Teach us instead to pray for your kingdom and for your will to be done. We thank you for the many churches in the city that believe you to be Lord and Savior. Empower us to love our city and the other churches serving the city from various denominations. Lord, unify us for the sake of your name and glory. May the unbelievers see our unity and long to know Christ through our love for one another. We pray that you would bless these churches with a deep intimacy with you, a passion for your word, a desire to live out your gospel in relationships, and a love for justice and mercy:

Common Ground Church in Butler-Tarkington, Trinity Church in Broadripple, The Porch in Fountain Square, Ravenbrook Widow Baptist Church in Meridian Kessler, Response Church in Lockerbie Square, Indy Alliance in Fountain Square, Mosaic Church in Irvington, Brookside Church in Brookside, CityCom Church in St. Joseph.

Lord, strengthen us to love as you do. Instead of comparing ourselves to others, may we honor those who are our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Lord, help us to value and honor our brothers and sisters in our differences. May we not consider ourselves better than others because of our church, urban location, building, knowledge, or theology. May we love as you do: you love us as we are in Christ, not based on anything else.

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