Week of August 1st

Father, we are poor at obeying your law. We try to obey by our own power, or we give up even trying to obey. We are reactionary by nature. We either become legalistic or amoral.Father, forgive us for misusing or neglecting your law. We need your law - for it is good and holy. You created it for our good to reveal you and your heart to us. Help us to submit to you and your law. Empower us to obey you through your law. May your law teach us about you and point us toward you.

As a church, we are thankful for the unity we have with other believers. In our independence, we often see only our own needs, and we forget others in our hearts. Teach us instead to pray for your kingdom and for your will to be done. We thank you for the many ministries and organizations in the city that believe you to be Lord and Savior. Empower us to love our city by partnering with these organizations for your sake and to serve the city. Lord, unify us for the sake of your name and glory. May the unbelievers see our unity and long to know Christ through our love for one another. We pray that you would bless these ministries and organizations with a passion for you, a desire to live out your gospel in loving relationships, and a desire for justice and mercy:

Bethany Christian Ministries, Jesus Food Pantry, Jireh Sports, Lifebridge Ministries, Loving Accurately Ministries, Lyn House, Oaks Academy, Oxen Free, Safe Families, Second Helpings, Shepherd Community Ministries, and Starfish

Father, strengthen and unify us to work together with other believers, churches, and ministries to further your Kingdom. Let us join in with Jesus Christ’s prayer for us that: we may all be one, just as you, Father, are in Christ, and Christ in you, that we also may be in you, so that the world may believe that you have sent Christ. Unify us by your Spirit in Jesus Christ.

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