Week of August 15th

Father, we give you only part of ourselves and not our whole life. We are afraid to surrender control to you. We tend to treat you as an accessory or add you to our lives. You want every day and minute of our life for you and your service.Lord, we confess that we add you to our lives instead of having you be our whole life, purpose, and hope. We tend to forget about you as we make daily decisions about time, money, relationships, choice of words, and what we entertain ourselves with. You want every sphere of our worlds and our lives to be worship to you: our families, our neighborhoods, our work, our art, and our leisure. Forgive us for our neglect and arrogance.

Father, you want more than our lives. You want our every motivation and thought for your kingdom and service.

Father, we confess our hold on our thoughts and motivations. We do not want to submit our inner self completely to you. Forgive us for the specific ways that we fight against you and hide from you.

You long for us to love you more than ourselves. You long for us to love and enjoy people, not use them. You long for us to submit our hearts to your Spirit and Word and not to whatever makes us feel good in the moment. You long for us to fight in prayer for others and not stay self-absorbed. You long for us to unify in worship with our brothers and sisters from other denominations and not to to think that we are better. 

Love so amazing, so divine, demands my soul, my life, my all. Empower us to surrender all to you.

Find a copy of the worship bulletin here.