Week of August 22nd

Father, we want to put boundaries on when and how we worship you, but you made us and redeemed us that we would be all about you all of the time. You long for us to worship you, whether we eat or drink or whatever we do, to do all to your glory. Empower us by your Spirit to raise up every motivation, thought, and action to you in worship. Forgive us for compartmentalizing and not living this way.You long for us to worship you more than ourselves or anything else. You long for us to serve and consider people, not neglect them. You long for us to surrender our lives to you, not live for whatever makes us feel good in the moment. You long for us to let the peace of Christ rule our hearts, not let fear, control, or anxiety consume us. You long for us to wrestle by faith in relationship with you, not check out or avoid the struggles of life. You long for us to slow down and spend time with you, not allow ourselves to be driven by the busyness of the world. You long for us to pray for others, not stay self-absorbed. You long for us to tell others of Jesus’ work in our lives, not hide him in our conversations while we tell ourselves that we are being incarnational. You long for us to unify in worship with our brothers and sisters from other denominations, not separate ourselves.

Love so amazing, so divine, demands my soul, my life, my all. Empower us to offer all to you.

Find a copy of the worship bulletin here.