“Earthly riches are full of poverty.” St. Augustine

What is your deepest, most basic, most primal need? Is it your need for food and drink? Is it your need for loving relationships? Is it your need for a life-of-meaning?Jesus says that your deepest, most basic, most primal need is for a personal-intimate relationship with God. Like a car is designed to run on gas, Jesus says, you and I are designed to work and play, to worship and eat, to laugh and cry with the deep, infallible, permanent assurance that we are loved by God, that we are God's children in whom he delights.

In this Sunday's sermon, Jesus will challenge us to seriously consider what our deepest need is and  he will call us to eat and drink of his very body, the Bread of Life who came for the life of the world.

If, as many do, we reject this universal and free offer of God - God's life, God's love, God's benediction, God's delight, God's forgiveness, God's friendship (and this litany could go on and on) - one is only left with the poverty of earthly riches. For, at the end of the day, can money or sex of human relationships or moral piety really satisfy the longing of your soul?