Jesus is your Need beneath your needs

In my sermon I mentioned that I was going to quote from St. Augustine on how Jesus meets all of our needs. However, as a friend reminded me, I forgot to do so. To rectify my lapse I have included it below.Let me, first, set the stage.

In a sermon from the Gospel of John, chapter three, St. Augustine clarifies why so many names can be applied to Jesus - Jesus is the Bread of the world, Jesus is the Light of the world, Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life, Jesus is the True Vine and so on.

Augustine uses a striking illustration. Our body, he says, has many needs: light and air, food and drink, shelter and clothing, and so on. Now all these things are very different and exist side by side in the various parts of creation. Now also our spirit has many and various needs, but what provides for these needs is not multiform but always the one selfsame divine being.

He puts it this way:

"On earth, a fountain is one thing, light another. When you are thirsty, you look for a fountain, and to get to the fountain you look for light; and if there is no daylight, you light a lamp to get to the fountain. But he is both a fountain and a light: to the thirsty he is a fountain, to the blind a light. Let [your] eyes be opened to see the light; let the lips of [your] heart be opened to drink of the fountain. That which you drink, you see and hear. God becomes everything to you, for he is the whole of the things you love. If you attend to visible signs, well, God is neither bread nor is he water, nor light, nor a garment, nor a house. For all these things are visible, individual, and separate. What bread is, water is not; what a garment is, a house is not; and what these things are, God is not, for they are visible things. God is all of these things to you: if you are hungry, he is bread to you; if you are thirsty, he is water to you; if you live in darkess, he is light to you, for he remains incorruptible. If you are naked, he is a garment of immortality to you when this corruptible shall put on incorruption and this mortal shall put on immortality.”

As we conclude our study of the "I AM" statements of Jesus in the gospel of John let us learn their lesson well: Jesus is what we need at the very deepest level of our being. He is what we Need beneath our needs.

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