Reflections on Godly Sexuality


Reflections on Godly Sexuality

 St. Augustine once said that he wrote so that he might think. It is with that same desire to think clearly in this vitally important area of godly sexuality that I am now gathering my scattered thoughts as well as the insights of others – insights that have helped me over the years - and pulling them together on my blog.

I hope by gathering these Reflections on Godly Sexuality I might provide for my congregation: spiritual food for those who are left hungry by the fleeting pleasures of this world, guidance for those who have lost the way of God’s design for their sexuality, truth for those who continue to fall prey to the lies of the Devil, the world, and the flesh, comfort for those who are overwhelmed by the shame, guilt and defilement of sexual sin and have lost sight of the Rescuer, healing grace for those whose souls continue to bleed from past wounds, true community for those who feel isolated by their sexual sin or the sin of others against them, and freedom for those enslaved by the web sexual addiction.

 I do not pretend that these reflections are systematic, though they will generally follow the 10 week sermon series that I plan to begin on September 18th.

 What do I mean by godly sexuality?

 By godly sexuality I mean that our sexuality and our sexual practices must not be separated from our ultimate calling to know, love, seek, desire, pursue, worship, obey, and delight in the LORD God. He designed us as sexual beings so that we might know and love Him more fully.  AsSt. Paul puts it in I Corinthians 6:13, “The body is not meant for sexual immorality, but for the Lord, and the Lord for the body.”

 By godly sexuality I mean too that to be a Christian is to confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, that there is not a square inch of life that Jesus Christ does not say “it is mine.” This includes, of course, our sexuality and sexual practices. As Christians we are purchased by the blood of Christ. Our lives are not our own. We are His. And as His, we are to submit to His command no matter the cost or the suffering involved.

By godly sexuality I mean, finally, that unique, beautiful, soul and body satisfying, community building, vision for sexuality that the Christian Scriptures present and that, when practiced, makes the Christian church a counter-cultural community that models an alternative approach to sex in western sensate, sexually polymorphous, post-Christian culture.

 In these Reflections I hope to present Scripture’s vision for godly sexuality in such a way that skeptics and seekers might understand, if not appreciate, the Christian sexual doctrine and ethic, and that my brothers and sisters in Christ might be more and more delighted to walk in God’s design for their sexuality and so be formed into that sanctorum communio that is a witness to the suffering and sanctifying power of Christ.

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