I Peter Preaching Series with a focus on Suffering

On Sunday, January 1st, I will begin a preaching series through 1 Peter. This series will be very different (for me) in that unlike all of my previous expository series (where I had mapped out the texts I would preach each Sunday well in advance) I will be preaching verse by verse not knowing how long - how fast or how slow - we will make our way through the letter. I am very excited to be sharing with my spiritual family the milk of God's word from this amazing letter Peter wrote to the churches of Asia minor.

I want to take a moment to share with you the reason I chose 1 Peter.

As I worked on the godly sexuality series I became more and more convinced that Christians need to be equipped with a rigorous and well-developed doctrine and ethic of suffering and that I will not have discharged the duties of my ministry until the saints to whom I am called to serve as their pastor have been equipped with such a doctrine and ethic of suffering.

So I began to search through the Scriptures to see what book I should preach through that would be allow a focused and sustained treatment of a doctrine and ethic of suffering. It did not take me long to fasten my attention to 1 Peter.

I look forward to beginning this preaching series through 1 Peter on January 1st.


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