Thoughts on Prayer...

Some friends sent me this quote on prayer.In light of our committment to make 2012 a year of an intentional focus on prayer and the great challenges we face in praying (see quote below) I thought I should pass it on.

"There is no greater proof in the world of our spiritual danger than the reluctance of which most people always have and all people sometimes have to pray; so weary of their length, so glad when they are done, so clever to excuse and neglect their opportunity. Yet prayer is nothing but desiring God to give us the greatest and best things we can have and that can make us happy. It is a work so easy, so honorable, and to so great a purpose, that (except in the incarnation of His Son) God has never given us a greater argument of His willingness to have us saved and our unwillingness to accept it, of His goodness and our gracelessness, of His infinite condescension and our folly, than by rewarding so easy a duty with such great blessings." (Jeremy Taylor)

Prayer - coming before the throne of the Almighty God our Heavenly Father and worshipping him, casting our anxiety on him, interceeding for the world - is the highest and most noblest work of the saint. I am reminded of the words of the great Scottish preacher, Andrew Whyte, regarding the magnificence and roprayer: "The magnificence of all true prayer - its nobility, its royalty, its absolute divinity - all stand in this, that it is the greatest kind of act and office that man, or angel, can ever enter on and perform."




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