Chrysostom on Friendship

As we enter into the summer season - a time of rest and renewal from the ardors of school, and, for many, a time of respite from the day to day grind of work - I would encourage us all to carve out time for friendship.Friendship is one of the greatest goods that we have in this world. But, as Samuel Johnson said, friendship takes work because you have to continually "keep friendships in repair."

As you think about spending time with Friends this summer consider these words from an ancient church Father, John Chrysostom, on Friendship. 

“He who loves, ought so to love, that if he were asked even for his own soul, and it were possible, he would not refuse it. I do not say ‘if he were asked,’ but so that he would even run to present him with the gift. For nothing, nothing can be sweeter than such love; nothing will fall out there that is grievous. Truly a ‘faithful friend is the medicine of life.’ Truly ‘a faithful friend is a strong defense.’ For what will not a genuine friend perform? What pleasure will he not afford? What benefit? What security?  Though you should name infinite treasures, none of them is comparable to a genuine friend.”St. John Chrysostom