Redeemer Partner Highlight: Herron HS Young Life

Each year Redeemer designates money that we receive above the budgeted income to organizations outside the church. This year, we will be giving the first $50,000 of any surplus to our partner ministries to encourage them in the work of mercy and justice.  Herron Young Life is one of Redeemer's partner ministries.  Here's how they would use their portion of Redeemer's surplus.----------Herron YL has recently hired Kelly Hassman in a part time position. Kelly has been a volunteer on the team for the last 5 years and is excited to take on more of a role caring for and supporting our leaders and focusing on deepening our impact in the Herron community. The YL Committee decided to hire Kelly to enable leaders (specifically Marlin Bruns) to develop new YL programs in independent schools.  Right now potential schools Herron YL is pursuing include the Christel House Academy, KIPP Indy and The Oaks.If Herron YL receives additional funds at the start of the new year they would be put toward pursing these new opportunities (the budget has increased from last year in order to include Kelly's position and to allow some funds for resources for starting new programs).  The funds would go towards the remaining $25,000 needed to complete the 2015 budget, freeing Marlin up to focus on expanding YL in Indianapolis rather than fundraising the remainder of the budget.
Ultimately, having Young Life in more independent schools around the city means that more kids will have the opportunity to experience the Gospel and the life changing love of Christ.