Volunteer Tuesday: New Star

There are a lot of volunteer opportunities around Redeemer, both inside the church itself and with its surrounding partner ministries.  New Star, one of our new partners (started and run by Caroline Tait and Will Lutz), has a lot of different ways for you to get involved.

1. Volunteer as a Tutor

New Star currently tutors kids who live at 16 Park (on 16th Street, just a little east of Redeemer) on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday 4-6pm.  If you are interested in getting involved as a tutor, you can contact Caroline Tait at caroline@redeemindy.org.

2. Donate to their Christmas shop

New Star is holding a Christmas Shop open December 20th for parents to shop for Christmas gifts for their children (inspired by Atlanta's Pride for Parents).  The shop will allow parents the pride and dignity of purchasing their children's gifts by selling toys at extremely affordable prices, instead of giving them away, believing that families would prefer to provide for themselves rather than receiving a hand out.  New Star will also be able to use this shop as an opportunity to meet and develop relationships with the parents of the children they tutor.
If you need help figuring out what to buy, take a look at the suggestion list below.

Boy Toys:

  • Legos or Lincoln Logsnewstar

  • Action Figures

  • Remote Control Cars

  • Race Track Sets

Girl Toys:

  • Baby Dolls

  • Doll Houses

  • Jewelry & Make-Up Kits

Toddler & Baby Toys:

  • Dora the Explorer

  • Sesame Street

  • Thomas the Train

  • Educational Toys

Sporting Equipment:

  • Athletic Equipment

  • Bicycles & Tricycles

  • Bike Safety Equipment

  • Scooters, Skateboards, & Skates

Other Items:

  • Board Games & Puzzles

  • Crayola Products

  • Books for Children 3-15

If you are not able to shop for donations but would still like to participate, we are taking monetary and gift card donations and will shop for gifts ourselves. Will and Caroline will be able to arrange picking the gifts up from people who are able to shop but cannot drop them off.  Contact willcooperlutz@gmail.com.


3. Sponsor a Snack

The kids tutored through New Star receive a snack during their tutoring sessions.  If you would like to sponsor a snack, please contact Caroline Tait at Caroline@redeemindy.org.


4. Make a Donation

New Star is always taking monetary donations.  Donations go towards purchasing supplies to help in their tutoring mission as well as helping to increase the number of hours Will and Caroline are able to spend at New Star (they currently work 12 paid hours each + approx. 1,000 weekly unpaid hours!) ;)

More specifically, New Star is currently seeking a donation of a 15 passenger van in order to transport children from 16 Park to Redeemer Presbyterian on Sunday mornings.