Redeemer Partner Highlight: Arsenal Tech Young Life

Each year Redeemer designates money that we receive above the budgeted income to organizations outside the church. This year, we will be giving the first $50,000 of any surplus to our partner ministries to encourage them in the work of mercy and justice.  Herron Young Life is one of Redeemer’s partner ministries.  Here’s how they would use their portion of Redeemer’s surplus.
While the ministry of Tech Young Life is doing well and seeing the fruits of the decision to bring Jed on board as full-time staff, Jed and Sara are facing the threat of a temporary salary reduction.  The reduction will happen at the end December, which is currently what YL considers a "Grace Month".  If Tech YL closes the month of December in deficit, the staff will go on 75% salary until they can return to a positive cash position.
Looking into the long term, Tech YL considers their financial outlook and prospects strong. Currently they are waiting for their work to strengthen and broaden their donor base.  Kids are continuing to hear about Jesus and building friendships which they hope will continue to show them the grace and love of Christ and what it means to follow him.
The funds from the Redeemer surplus will allow Jed and Sara to remain focused on the good work they are doing with the kids at Arsenal Tech High School.  It will allow them to go back to receiving their full salaries, directly impacting them and their families in a positive way.