Spring 2015 CT&T Classes

Christian Teaching & Training (CT&T) is Redeemer’s means of connecting you to Jesus through Scriptural discipleship. Each of our Sunday classes has a gospel focus that is designed to touch your heart and life. CT&T classes meet weekly between services, from 10:00-10:50 a.m. If you don’t know which class is right for you, just ask us! E-mail Kate Ghormley at kate@redeemindy.org for more information.

Please note: Classes will NOT meet December 28th.

New Spring Classes (starting Jan. 4th):

  • Psalms - led by Ben Reed, Room 146, VSA Clay Studio From medieval sonnets to greeting cards, poetry is an important part of our world. It helps us express ideas beyond the grasp of normal language. In the same way, the church has long used the Psalms to learn how to worship and pray deeply. But like all poetry, we can find them intimidating. This class seeks to demystify the Psalms by providing a basic overview, focusing on how to incorporate them into our prayer life.
  • Gospel Leadership - led by Jamie MacGregor, Hank & Dolly’s Gallery Dive into the biblical doctrines of grace, theological standards, and governmental structures to which Redeemer adheres. This class is designed to be taken after Gospel DNA, Gospel Identity, and Mercy & Justice. It is recommended for those in any level of leadership – but it is required of those who are considering becoming officers at Redeemer.Continuing Classes (ask a member of our welcome team for details):

    • Gospel DNA - Steep yourself in the beauty of the gospel, as you contemplate how it shapes every aspect of life. Encouraging for both new and seasoned followers of Christ.
    • Gospel Identity - Discover who God has made you to be and how, as a child of God, He has prepared you for His good works. This class is currently full.
    • Christ’s Call to Mercy & Justice - Come and discuss Christ’s call to mercy and develop practical ways of living it in relationships with your neighbors and faithful presence in Indianapolis.
    • Romans - Journey through the book of Romans, a compelling and accessible summary of the gospel message and the Christian life.
    • Creative Class - This class is a place for creative souls to gather together for prayer, encouragement, and exploration of how the Gospel impacts an artist’s life.
    • College Class - Join with other college-aged folks (in school or not) in a class designed to support you during a time of life that is both freeing and demanding. This semester we are discussing how to study the Bible while using the Gospel of John as our text.