Redeemer Partner Highlight: LYN House

Each year Redeemer designates money that we receive above the budgeted income to organizations outside the church. This year, we will be giving the first $50,000 of our stretch goal to our partner ministries to encourage them in the work of mercy and justice.  LYN House is one of Redeemer’s partner ministries.  Here’s how they would use their portion of Redeemer’s surplus.
LYN House has a some very concrete needs that will help them to better their programs.  First, they would use the funds to purchase books to fill holes in their library.  Specifically, they are looking to add books featuring more african american characters and books for their satellite site that is really struggling to build up their library.  These books will help tutors to encourage reading in their tutoring sessions.  LYN House looks to improve their tutoring program by purchasing laptops and tablets for the kids in their tutoring programs to use.  They currently have 5 computers that have been updated and are running better but as they expand, they anticipate laptops and tablets being a huge help to the kids academically, giving them access to online and app reading and math games that are personalized to fit their individual needs.
Next, they would love to hire a summer intern. This is a great experience not only for LYN House (it's great to have an extra set of hands!), but for the interns as well as they gain life experience in a Christ- centered organization.
Funds would also be used to purchase new sports equipment for use during the summer (LYN House plays Summer Games with other churches and have been limited to kickball because of a lack of good sporting equipment!) as well as during their new Wednesday night activity, One Way.
Finally, LYN House is in need of cosmetic building improvements and will apportion some of the funding to new carpet and paint.