Partner Spotlight: New Star

Each year Redeemer designates money that we receive above the budgeted income to organizations outside the church. This year, we will be giving the first $50,000 of our stretch goal to our partner ministries to encourage them in the work of mercy and justice.  Today we're highlighting New Star, a tutoring ministry run by Will Lutz and Caroline Tait.  Here’s how they would use their portion:Caroline and Will currently have a salary to pay them for 12 weekly hours of work at New Star but the ministry is very clearly outgrowing that staffing budget (we should add that they also log countless unpaid hours!).  Their goal for 2015 is to increase their paid hours to 20 hr/wk.  Increasing the budget will allow Caroline and Will to also increase their programming.  Currently, they have programs for elementary aged children (9 hrs/wk) but have plenty of interest from middle school aged children.  They would love to be able to include these children in their after school tutoring and programming.

Caroline and Will also have a heart for building relationships with the families of the kids in their programs at 16 Park.  Earlier this month, they held open a Christmas shop where families could shop for discounted Christmas gifts for their children - creating an opportunity for them to begin to build those ties.  You may have seen some of the children from 16 Park around church on Sunday morning.  Will and Caroline currently bus these kids (or rather, drive them but are currently looking for a donation of a 15 passenger van!) from 16 Park to church on Sunday mornings.  They can only do this with the permission and trust of their families, something that increasing their programming budget would certainly allow them to build more of.

Even outside of the stretch goal money that Caroline and Will will put to good use, they are always recruiting new volunteers.  Please contact Caroline at or Will at if you are interested in being a part of this ministry.