Worship Guide: Dec 29 - Jan 3, 2015

Our household worship over the next 8 weeks will be focused on God’s fulfillment of His promise to send a Savior into the world. We will be looking at how Matthew’s good news of Jesus Christ the Messiah fulfills the prophesies and promises of the Old Testament Scriptures.

Monday, December 29 Scripture: Matthew 3:1-3 Song: Joy to the World vs.1-2 pg. 1-2 Prayer: Pray that God would give you repentant hearts.

Tuesday, December 30 Scripture: Isaiah 40 Song: Joy to the World vs.2-3 pg. 2 Prayer: Reflect on the greatness of God, and then worship Christ who is the LORD who promised he would come.

Wednesday, December 31 Scripture: Matthew 3:4-10 Song: Joy to the World vs.3-4 pg. 2 Prayer: Pray you would not rest in your religious resume, or in your Christian pedigree, or righteous reputation but that you would repent of your bad and your best and rest in Christ alone for salvation.

Thursday, January 1 Scripture: Matthew 3:11-12 Song: Thou Who Wast Rich vs.1 pg. 5 Prayer: Praise God that through Jesus Christ you have been given the Holy Spirit who is your Comforter and Helper.

Friday, January 2 Scripture: Matthew 3:13-17 Song: Thou Who Wast Rich vs.2 pg. 5 Prayer: Praise God that in Jesus Christ you belong to God your Heavenly Father, you are loved by Him and beautiful in His sight.

Saturday, January 3 Scripture: Romans 8:18-39 Song: Thou Who Wast Rich vs.3 pg. 5 Prayer: Rejoice in the great truth that God has made you his son/daughter and that His love for you can never be broken.