Partner Spotlight: Mother's Club

Each year Redeemer designates money that we receive above the budgeted income to organizations outside the church. This year, we will be giving the first $50,000 of our stretch goal to our partner ministries to encourage them in the work of mercy and justice.  Today we’re highlighting Mother's Club, a women's ministry based out of Neighborhood Fellowship Church.  Here’s how they would use their portion: Now meeting at Neighborhood Fellowship Church, Mother's club has moved around a bit since it's inception.  It originated at Wheeler Mission many years ago, then went to Shepherd, finally recently moving to NFC.   The ministry offers child care while mothers take Bible studies, life skill classes, educational classes and engage in fellowship with each other.  They have classes Tuesday and Thursday mornings for the area women. On these mornings, they provide transportations to and from the church to make it easier for the women to attend.  Their budget is largely spent on gas, snacks, supplies for the children.  They have two part-time staff positions whose salaries need to be funded as well.  When the Mother's Club moved from Shepherd to NFC, they lost some of their funding and have been rebuilding their budget since.  The stretch goal funding would go a long way towards helping them to rebuild their budget.