Volunteer Tuesday: New Star Community

New Star Community is a partnership between Redeemer and 16 Park Apartments.  You might have seen their partnership highlight on our blog a few weeks ago.  New Star is run by two very energetic 20-somethings who started with well, not much more than a vision to build relationships between Redeemer and their neighbors.  Currently their programming consists of after-school tutoring and activities for elementary-aged students, providing one-on-one homework assistance and group activities, including art projects, music, and sports.  Caroline Tait and Will Lutz, New Star Community's staff/backbone/dreamers/organizers (take your pick, they fill all these roles!) dream of expanding that programming quite a bit into different age groups and into relationships with the parents of the kids they tutor.  You can reference back to our partnership highlight for more info.New Star is currently actively recruiting new tutors.  New Star meets every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday 4-6 (at the 16 Park Community Center - 546 E 17th St.) and tutors commit to one day of tutoring a week. 

Another way to get involved is to volunteer to provide a snack for the kids in the program.  More information and an online signup sheet can be found here. 

And, if you remember from the partnership highlight, Caroline and Will would LOVE to receive a donation of a 15 passenger van.  They bus kids to and from Redeemer every Sunday morning and the trips would be a lot quicker/easier/cheaper with that particular resource.

Volunteering with New Star is a really great way to reweave the fabric of our downtown community.  Please contact Caroline Tait (caroline@redeemindy.org) if you have questions or would like to jump right in!