Worship Guide: January 12 - 17, 2015

Our household worship over the next 8 weeks will be focused on God’s fulfillment of His promise to send a Savior into the world. We will be looking at how Matthew’s good news of Jesus Christ the Messiah fulfills the prophesies and promises of the Old Testament Scriptures.

Monday, January 12 Scripture: Matthew 4:12-17 and Isaiah 9:1-2 Song: Psalm 96 pg. 1 Prayer: Thank God for sending His Son Jesus to be your light. Praise Him for specific ways that Jesus Christ has been the light of God to you.

Tuesday, January 13 Scripture: Matthew 4:12-17 Song: Come, Holy Ghost vs. 1-2 pg. 3 Prayer: Thank Jesus for beginning his ministry in Galilee, a place that was unimportant and a place full of outsiders. Praise God that he comes to us in our unimportant places, and when we too are outsiders and insignificant people to rescue us.

Wednesday, January 14 Scripture: Matthew 4:12-17 Song: Come, Holy Ghost vs. 3-4 pg. 3 Prayer: Pray that God would grant you the grace of repentance. Ask him to make your hearts soft to turn from all sin and to turn to Him and follow Jesus in all of his commands.

Thursday, January 15 Scripture: Matthew 4:12-17 Song: Dear Refuge of My Weary Soul pg. 4 Prayer: Ask God for His kingdom to come first in your heart, and then in your family, and in our church and in our city. Ask Jesus to make you an agent of His kingdom.

Friday, January 16 Scripture: Matthew 4:12-17 Song: There is a Fountain vs. 1-2 pg. 9 Prayer: Pray for those you love who are sitting in the shadow of death. Pray that the light of Jesus Christ would break into their hearts.

Saturday, January 17 Scripture: Matthew 4:12-17 Song: There is a Fountain vs. 3-4 pg. 9 Prayer: Pray for the preaching of God’s Word. Pray that God’s Word would be preached with power at Redeemer and in other churches and that God would use His Word to move people to repentance and faith in Jesus.

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