"Why The Arts?": Pastor Jason Dorsey

As we are selling our 2014 Worship CD and Liturgical Arts Book, it's a great time to take a minute to talk about Redeemer's focus on the arts.  Just step into the sanctuary to see the art installations there that display our visually expressive nature, walk down the halls to see that we are people who value supporting artists in their work, and start shaking hands to learn that writers, musicians, painters - you name it - have found a home here.  But why?  What is it about art and Christianity that speak to each other?  What does their conversation sound like?  That's why we're asking the question "Why the Arts?"  Today on the blog, Pastor Jason Dorsey shares his to-the-point answer to the question at hand. 


Redeemer did not begin with a mission to celebrate the arts and support artists. Instead we had a theology of God who is the ultimate Artist, the Craftsman who redeems broken people and who by grace forms them into the beauty of Christ's image. When your vision of the church is that of a gallery of people who are living works of art, it is not a big step to celebrate art and support the artists made in His image.

-Pastor Jason Dorsey