Set Your Email Settings on The City

There are a lot of moving pieces in a church the size of Redeemer Presbyterian Church.  Lots of moving pieces, lots of volunteer opportunities, lots of prayer requests: lots of reasons to send an email.  When you join a group on The City, you will have some choices about when you receive email notifications from that group.  You may want to get one for every thing that is posted, or you may want to use the City as a way to regulate your inbox and choose to get everything all at once in a daily email.Either way, here's how to edit those settings:

STEP 1: Navigate to Email Settings

If you've just joined a group and haven't set it up yet, you may get a notification on your screen that looks like this:

Choose Email Settings

If so, click "choose your email settings" and skip to step two.

If you don't see this notification, move your curser to the top right corner of the screen to the little settings wheel and click "account settings."

Account Settings entry point



STEP 2:  Choose your setting

If you had the notification mentioned first under "step 1" you will see a screen that looks like this: Email Settings

If you navigated from the settings wheel, your screen may look like this (click on the "EMAIL" tab to see this exact setup):


Account Settings

Either way, you will have four options:

1. Everything This setting will send you an email anytime anyone posts anything in a group you are a part of.  You will also receive emails when people comment on your posts, etc.  This setting is best if you have a high level of responsibility in a group with urgent needs.  Otherwise, save yourself the inbox clutter and try one of the next three. 

2. New Things This setting will email you when someone starts a new topic, event, need, prayer, or uploads a new album.  Comments on posts will not trigger an email. 

3. Daily Digest This is probably the most popular setting.  You will receive one email a day with new activity in all of your groups.  It keeps your inbox clean, but you will need to click the link inside the email to get all the details. 

4. Nothing You will not receive any email from this group.  This is a good setting to choose if you are active on The City anyway and do not need email reminders in order to check your groups. 

Click on the corresponding dot.  It will turn green once that option is selected. Your setting choices will automatically save.


The City is a great way to stay connected at Redeemer and we encourage everyone who has made Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis their home.  To sign up, request an invite here.

With more questions about group email settings or how to sign up, you can email Heidi Lofton at

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