The Welcome Center

Following our services, you are often told that donuts, coffee, CDs, artist talks, and deacons can be found in the Welcome Center.  But where is the Welcome Center?  And why, if I've had my cup of coffee and am on a sugar-free diet, would I go there? First, where is it?  The Welcome Center is located catty-cornered from the front of the sanctuary (as in, when Jamie has his hands up to give the Valediction, his left hand is pointing in its general direction).  If you are facing the stage, you can walk out of the door to your right (you'll see a bar where you may have gotten your bulletin already that morning!).  Turn right when you are facing the bar, pass the hallway that leads to the restrooms and the nursery, and look for the double doors on your left.  If you go down a stair or two, you've gone just a few steps too far!  The doors are usually propped open, so please, enter through them, grab some coffee, and get to know someone who might not have otherwise crossed your path.White Paper Weddings

Okay but, why go in?  Redeemer has a vision for our Welcome Center.  We want it to be a gathering place for people to fellowship and build relationship.  We also have a lot of people discovering our church every month and we need a place to help them get connected - Redeemer is big and can easily feel overwhelming.  So, in short, if you're new to Redeemer, we want to provide you with information and a place to meet people.  And, if you're old to Redeemer, we want you to share in our vision.  We want you to connect with other people - people you may be just meeting or people you've known for a long time.  Help to make introductions and build our community's social capital.  The donuts are a huge perk if you've rushed out without breakfast, but we guarantee the conversation is even better.


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