New Communion Wine

communion cups

In the past few years we have ordered our communion wine in batches. Some of which were fair and some of which tasted not so fair. We here at the hospitality ministry wanted to let you know that we have changed our communion wine. It is a much higher in quality and more consistent from bottle to bottle. We want to always be conscientious of stewarding God’s money with honor and at the same time respect the fact that Jesus used good wine to represent his blood during his celebration of the passover. This is the same Jesus who turned water into the best tasting wine at the wedding party. Praise God that he is not a merely utilitarian God but made the world of color, beauty, taste and sensation to show the riches of his glory.

All of that being said, if you have learned to avoid the vinegar…I mean wine during communion you might try it again. It is significantly better.

So glad to share in the cup of the new covenant with all of you!