Redeemer's Parish Model

Amanda RPC Photo-2Why Parishes? Part of Redeemer’s vision statement is that we exist to ignite a movement of the gospel that changes Indianapolis spiritually, socially and culturally by connecting people to Jesus. This is difficult to do on a big scale, so we’ve built a parish system to focus on something more tangible, something smaller. Through parishes, we begin with neighborhoods and focus our energies into community groups as they seek to be present and live out the gospel where they live—meeting and building relationships with those around them.

A parish is more than just a physical boundary. It is a group of people who live in a particular area, are bound to each other through their commitment to the Gospel, and who support each other in their efforts to live as faithful Christians in their neighborhood.

How it works?

We currently have six parishes dividing up the city into Northeast, Northwest, Fall Creek, Central, East and South. The lines for parishes are drawn by streets, so where you live and where you’re doing life is your parish. Our parish leadership consists of councils that are led by one or more elders who serve their parish by shepherding community group leaders and deacon team members as they serve and seek to be faithfully present in their parish.

We want people to feel a call to the physical place where God has put them so that they and our parish resources can be integrated into the environment in which they live. We encourage our parishes to be involved in their existing neighborhood communities by engaging neighborhood association events, weekend cleanups, local schools, neighborhood picnics, local businesses, etc.

If you’re interested in learning more about our parish system or how to get connected with your parish, contact She’d love to talk with you!