Volunteer Tuesday: Male Mentors for New Star

Renew 2020 Bulletin CoverNew Star tutoring program is looking for male mentors to join our volunteer team! 80% of our youth are boys and 80% of our volunteers are women.

Tyler Harrison, one of New Star's mentors say he loves "the opportunity to hang out with kids and have a positive impact in their lives. Typically, this means helping them with their academics, but there also times when we just play games or make art  and get to know each other better."  Tyler keeps coming back to New Star because he "can see change happening. Just in the few months I've been there I've seen kids grades improve from nearly failing to attaining some the highest grades in their classes."

If you are interested in joining Tyler as a elementary or middle school boys mentor through New Star’s weekly tutoring program, please email Caroline (caroline@redeemindy.org) to find out more!