Volunteer Tuesday: Community Group Leader Training

When: March 7 & 14thphoto Time: 9:00a.m. - noon Where: Redeemer’s Conference Room

Community groups are a place for us to experience and learn about God. We come to share our burdens and celebrate victories. We see our leaders as shepherds continually leading their group members back to Jesus.

We’re growing! And with that, we need new community groups and new leaders. Our goal is to plant two new community groups for each parish by the end of 2015, with focused needs in the Fountain Square, Broad Ripple, northwest and northeast areas of Indianapolis.

Do you have the desire to welcome people into your home and walk alongside them as children of God with a commitment to point them to the cross through the story of your daily life and through God’s Word?

We do not expect our leaders to be great teachers or biblical scholars ready to lead brilliant lessons, though these are wonderful and welcomed gifts. Instead, we call our leaders to be shepherds, with the understanding that people are created in God’s image, are fallen and deeply flawed, and whose only hope is at the cross of Christ their Redeemer.

If you are interested in leading a community group or learning more about our community group ministry, consider joining this upcoming training. It is a great way to learn more about leading a group and will give you a chance to discover if it is something to which you’re being called. Contact Amanda Edgell to sign-up, amanda@redeemindy.org