New Painting in the Nursery

Overman PaintingIf you've been in the nursery recently, you will have noticed that something is a little different (and more beautiful!) about the space now.  At the end of last year, Redeemer commissioned a painting from Emma Overman to liven up the nursery. "She was a perfect fit for a commissioning for the Nursery as her work is imaginative and playful and depicts children and characters that could be found in fantasy or children's books.  We love how she tells a story with the character in her paintings," says Kate Brumbaugh.

Emma tells us the rest of the story - "The painting was 10155279_10152141405403195_3143796205445049763_ninspired by this photo of my daughter Annabel. It was taken last Easter (when she was 2 1/2) in our yard, and the dress she and the girl in the painting is wearing was mine when I was her size."

Both Emma and Kate love the playful bubbles Emma painted to hang around the painting.

Thank you, Emma, for making our church more beautiful with your great talents!

Nursery Painting