Life At Redeemer Mini Class

You might have seen this annoucement in Sunday's bulletin....

"Today in the Welcome Center: Mini Class on Membership Join us in the Welcome Center at 10:10 a.m. We are starting a mini-class called “Life@Redeemer” that will meet and last about 15 minutes. Topics will range from CT&T classes to Community Groups to the way Redeemer is structured. These classes will be useful for newcomers, long-time members, and everyone in between."

....and been thirsty for more details! Well, look for further.  We are here to answer all of your questions for you.


So, just what is this Life at Redeemer class?

Life at Redeemer is a mini-class (meaning, it lasts for 15-30 minutes and is not necessarily created for one class to build off of the prior class).  We will meet in the Welcome Center at roughly 10:10 every week. Topics will vary but they are generally aimed at helping people understand how Redeemer operates.

This means that this class will be helpful to people who are brand new (What do I do with my children during the CT&T hour?  With myself? How do I navigate this crazy labyrinth of a building?), as well as people who have been around for a little while (what happens with the money I tithe? What do you mean when you use terms like "elder", "session", and "thin place"? How do I navigate this crazy labyrinth of a building?).  Even long-term attendees may find the information in these classes useful (What are some of the current volunteer opportunities? How do I become a member? How do I navigate this crazy labyrinth of a building?).

If you are not planning to attend these classes, please continue to feel encouraged to be in the welcome center for donuts and conversation!

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