Spotlight on New Member: Miranda Jordan

Website Picture Meet Miranda Jordan. Miranda is a really cool new addition to Redeemer's membership roster. One of the things that makes Miranda so cool is her view on membership at Redeemer. She in her early 20s, she just recently moved to Indianapolis, she knows she's moving away soon to practice medicine elsewhere, but she just took her membership vows a few short weeks ago. Use this short interview to get to know her, and keep an eye out for her around church so you can introduce yourself in person!

Where are you originally from? Where did you go to school?

I am originally from Jackson, Mississippi. I received my doctor of pharmacy degree from University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy (Ole Miss!). Following graduation in June of 2013, I moved to Little Rock, Arkansas, and started my first year general pharmacy residency there. This residency ended on June 13th, 2014 and I moved to Indy the very next day!

How did you find out about and get connected to Redeemer? My aunt and uncle moved to Indy from Washington DC nearly 4 years ago. My aunt is a PCUSA presbyterian minister and she actually picked out Redeemer as an ideal church for me because "they have a large crowd of 20 somethings". You are in Indianapolis for your residency. What type of medicine are you interested in practicing?

I am a second year pharmacy resident specializing in Health-System Pharmacy Administration (just a little background because people are frequently confused regarding residency, basically pharmacists who choose to any where but the retail setting,so hospitals, clinics, research, etc. have a similar path to physicians and must compete for pharmacy residencies and/or fellowships through a matching program that puts in at a particular healthcare facility. My first year was the general hospital residency and the second year where you get to specialize I chose pharmacy adminstration).

What does a pharmacy administrator do?  

Strategize in planning (and creating cost-saving initiatives) to manage the multi-million dollar drug budgets that each hospital has to support, recruitment and retention to expand new pharmacy services (pharmacy has many specialty areas like hepatitis C, diabetes, Women's Health, etc), and manage the personnel and medication safety programs for 24/7 pharmacy operations.  I am training to do all these things in my second year of residency.

Your job will probably take you away from Indianapolis fairly soon, but you decided it was important for you to become a member anyway. Tell us a little bit about that and about what membership at Redeemer means to you. 

I have NO idea where I will be following completion of residency at the end of June. I am applying for supervisor positions in a variety of cities (including here in Indy!). What makes me able to tolerate the uncertainity of the next step is remembering God's provision thus far.  I grew up in a Christian home and my parents placed great importance on the commitment of church membership. I watched my parents pray for and support their church friends (and their friends do the same), grow in spiritual maturity, and find great joy in the volunteering for in church missions. I grew up with healthy expectations for what involvement in a community of Christian fellowship would offer me and well as what I would have to offer those in community with me. I can honestly say that these healthy expectations have made me brave. I could take on a move to an unknown city twice now because I could pray for God's provision in a Christian community and show up the first Sunday after moving because I expected the church to be His continual home for me. I have also prayed that God help me find the church quickly, as I would be in the city for only the one year of residency, in both Little Rock and Indy, my church home was found the first Sunday. I found myself among friends instantly at Redeemer; members genuinely wanted to get to welcome others and connect them with a small group.

I am thoroughly impressed with the parish infrastructure. Upon the recommendation of a new friend that first Sunday, I sent an email to the community group coordinator, who asked me about what I was looking for and where I lived.  I was able to go throughout the fall and following the completion of my pharmacy board exam in October, I was able to hang out more with the community group. I really adore them. My life is crazy hectic and anytime I get to see community group members is a bright spot in my week.

That's awesome! I'm so glad you've been able to get plugged in so quickly. Tell us, What are some of your hobbies? What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I love crafting, traveling, artsy films with a good message, long talks, baking, and any kind of exercising with a friend.

If you could meet a celebrity for coffee, who would you meet? What coffee shop would you meet them at? And what kind of drink would you have?

I would meet Taylor Swift at Starbucks for my favorite- a lite mocha frappachino. Besides that I really like her music. The girl writes her own own lyrics, gives credit to her family for supporting her start, and believes musicians should encourage one another (she refuses to buy in the competition). This is good stuff. She isn't a Christian artist, but she really seems to stay above the fray.

What is your favorite holiday tradition?

My family is small (8 people total), but we have always lived at least 10 hours from both my aunt's family and my grandmother. Every Christmas, all 8 of us gather from our 3 cities and enjoy non-stop time together. Every meal, outing, Christmas wrapping, and walk with the dog is together. I love that- there is a lot of laughter and I let go of any schedule or agenda of my own.

Tell us about a hidden talent you have.

I am a certified yoga instructor and love introducing newbies to the best exercise ever!! I don't teach right now due to the continual weekly commitment to prepare a class in the midst of my long hours right now, but post-residency I will teach again.