Peacemakers Seminar Feedback - Part 1

We want to take some time to share some of the feedback we've received after the Peacemaker's Seminar. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive - it's clear to us that the topics covered really touched on things close to our congregation's heart. Here are some of the things people have been saying:

"I really appreciate them distinguishing between conflict and abuse, because it can be so damaging to survivors and their faith when the church does not distinguish the two."


"I enjoyed the seminar even more than I thought I would. My plan was to stay for the morning portion only however I wanted more and stayed for the entire day. The seminar has changed some of my views and actions this past week, so much so that I am looking forward to the suggested reads to learn more."


"[After the seminar] I keep thinking about how I have to ask myself, "How can I glorify God?" and also remind myself of the steps to gentle restoration, which includes PAUSE and think about understanding the other's interest and placing that above my own."

We hope that you will read this feedback and feel encouraged to pursue peacemaking in your own life. We also hope that you will read the feedback and celebrate with us the way that God is working in the lives of your brothers and sisters! 2013-09-03 13.45.13