Spotlight on Jayhon

unnamedJayhon never knew his dad and his mom died when he was four. As a middle schooler he would walk the streets in the middle of the night and cry. He cried because he didn't want to be a drug dealer. He didn't want to kill people. He didn't want to have to use his gun. But he didn't see any other choice. So he simply walked and cried.He didn't think anyone saw.But, soon after, his grandma moved to the other side of town, far away from his friends. So, when they were progressing in their crime, he wasn't there. At his new school, he decided to play football. He met his new best friend in his apartment complex. He made it to high school. His grades were poor, and he was ineligible for sports. He struggled to know his purpose. A year ago, he started coming to [the Young Life] Bible study with his new girlfriend. He asked questions about baptism. He wanted to wash his past away. He came to church. He signed up for camp. He did extra work days. At camp he heard he was created in God's image and had great value. His heart came alive. Purpose replaced despair.

This fall, Jahyon chose to trust God to protect him and his sister and sold his gun. A new focus on homework meant he was eligible for football for the first time. His motivation, he said, was "to run for Jesus." When he tore his ACL halfway through the season, he continued to trust Jesus.

A friend who is a surgeon heard of Jahyon's injury and set him up with the IU team doctor in Bloomington. Amazingly, the surgery was done pro bono, and because God's family cared and acted, Jahyon started his recovery 2 1/2 months before he would have even had surgery through his normal healthcare provider.

Now Jahyon is working hard at therapy. He still hopes to run track in college. But what impresses me most about Jahyon are his bigger desires. He wants to get married and be a dad. To have a wife and kids and a house and a big table with his family all together. To break the cycle of fatherlessness. He wants to be a man of God. He stood up and shared those things with his peers last week at Bible study as we talked about what it means to have God as our Father. And I don't know what the future holds, but I do know that those desires are given and known by the One who saw Jahyon walking alone at night and heard his cries and saw his tears. Our Daddy in heaven loves and loves and loves, and our hearts thrill to take part in His work and to share with you in the joy of new life.

 Jed & Jahyon "You, Lord, hear the desire of the afflicted;
     You encourage them, and You listen to their cry,
 Defending the fatherless and the oppressed..."
- Psalm 10:17-18-Jed Dorsey

Note: Jayhon was baptized at Redeemer last Easter and is a member of our congregation. If you haven't met him yet, seek him out and introduce yourself!