Volunteer Tuesday: Welcome Team

Welcome TeamDo you have a heart for making people feel welcome at Redeemer? For making people feel like they fit in and get plugged in? The welcome team is expanding its vision and we have a role for you to play on our team. As our vision expands, we have a great need for more man power. In fact, to do everything we'd like to do, we'd love to have 80 people on the team (that's 10 people on 8 teams making up one giant team of 80). We currently have a total of about 52 of those spots filled. How do you know if you should sign up for one of the remaining 28 spots? We can help with that!


You might be a good fit for the welcome team if...

...you are good with directions. We have a vision to have people stationed around the church to act as "taxi drivers" to help newcomers find their way to the sanctuary, the welcome center, CT&T classes, and the underground. Our building is quite the labyrinth and we don't want that to be a hinderance to people hearing the gospel.

...you like to help people get plugged in to volunteer or social situations. Large churches have tons of groups forming all the time. Some of these are social/spiritual groups like community groups and others are volunteer opportunities like tutoring with New Star or cooking breakfast with LYN House. Either way, it's too much for everyone to remember, but we'd like our welcome team to be a place for people to come when they have questions about how to get involved. If your brain is good at storing information like this, you might be someone we'd like to have on our team.

...you are a good includer. It's tough to notice every time a new person walks into our doors. Some times we think someone has been to Redeemer before and we just haven't met them. But if you're the new person who people assume isn't new, it can feel like you're being overlooked! If you have a heart for making sure no one gets overlooked, you're perfect for our team because our goal is to make sure everyone is welcomed and included.

...you are good at gathering and dispensing information. If good at collecting knowledge about lots of subjects (in our case, the building, Redeemer events, people, leadership, structure, etc) we want you on our team. We want the welcome team to be able to answer people's questions about what Redeemer is all about - our history, our leadership, our building, everything! You're a good fit for our team.

...you enjoy striking up a conversation. The welcome team strikes up conversation with new folks and makes them feel welcome. We love people who are comfortable with that - it's a tough skill and you're welcome on our team even if you don't possess it - but if you do, we're seeking you out!

...you have a heart for Christ-like hospitality. The welcome team seeks to model the hospitality that Christ has for the Church. We want to care for our congregation out of love and selflessness. We want to see and meet needs. If you have a heart for Christ-like hospitality, please contact Heidi at heidi@nottinghamrealtygroup.com to talk to her about the welcome team.