Worship Guide, March 9 - 14, 2015

Redeemer Cover 3.22 V2Our household worship over the next few weeks will be focused on growing in our capacity to mourn. To do this we have journeyed with David through the Psalms listening to his mourning and grieving. This week we will listen and learn from the prophet Jeremiah’s lament found in Lamentations chapter 3.


Monday, March 9th Scripture: Lamentations 3:1-18 Song: Holy, Holy, Holy vs. 1 pg. 2 Prayer: Lament difficult situations you are experiencing in your life. Like Jeremiah accept the discipline of God in your situation, and wrestle with God’s sovereign purpose in them.

Tuesday, March 10th Scripture: Lamentations 3:19-27 Song: Holy, Holy, Holy vs. 2 pg. 2 Prayer: In the midst of your difficult situation (s) remember that the steadfast love of the LORD never ceases, praise Him for His faithfulness, and wait on Him for deliverance.

Wednesday, March 11th Scripture: Lamentations 3:28-36 Song: Holy, Holy, Holy vs. 3 pg. 2 Prayer: Take time to sit in silence before God, humble yourself before him, wait on Him for deliverance, and thank Him that He will not cast you off forever, that He will have compassion and bring about justice.

Thursday, March 12th Scripture: Lamentations 3:37-48 Song: Holy, Holy, Holy vs. 4 pg. 2 Prayer: Process with God in prayer His sovereignty. Remember that God is sovereign over us and in righteousness disciplines us for our sins, humble your heart before Him and accept His sovereign purposes in your life and situation.

Friday, March 13th Scripture: Lamentations 3:49-54 Song: Be Thou My Vision vs. 1-2 pg. 14 Prayer: Take time to pray to God about the things you are grieving, about your losses, perhaps about difficult relationships or people who are attacking you. Lament, mourn, cry about the reality, the weight of these things.

Saturday, March 14th Scripture: Lamentations 3:55-66 Song: Be Thou My Vision vs. 3-4 pg. 14 Prayer: Call upon God’s Name and God’s deliverance. Entrust yourself to His care, His vindication, His rescue.