Add Your Contact Info on the City (And Set Your Privacy)

If you are a member of our online community, The City, you have the option of including your contact information and choosing who can see it. We encourage you to update it, but update it wisely! Let's walk you through it now. By the way, if you are not a member of The City, get your invitation here!

1. The first thing to do is to log in so you are looking at this screen. Then, look over at the right hand side and click on "view profile." Contact Info 1


2. The best thing to do is to click on "edit" closest to the bottom most arrow under the "contact info" section where you see Redeemer's phone number here. Clicking near one of the other arrows (shown here to point at some of the important items to update). Later we'll talk about being sure you've uploaded a profile picture because anonymity kill community!

contact location 1

3. If you clicked on an item in the "to do" list (about me, address, phone number, etc.) you'll want to go to the tabs and click on "contact info" to make sure you see this same screen. Otherwise, you should see what we're looking at here. On this page, simply add the contact information you're comfortable sharing with others on this page.

Note that you can select who can see your phone number: Church members, friends (people you have added as friends on The City) or everyone. We do not recommend choosing "everyone." We've chosen this option because Redeemer's phone number is already public online but it's not a good choice for individual's phone numbers.

Contact 3 copy

Further down on this page you can also update your email address.

4. You might think that to upload or edit your profile picture you could click on the advertisement telling you to upload a profile picture - but this will not take you directly to the profile picture upload and edit location. Instead, click directly on the "profile" tab and then choose "edit picture." You can also delete your picture or deactivate your account here, but these options are rather contrary to the goals of this post.

contact 4