Attention Trivia Night Challengers! Is This the Team to Beat?


 With Young Life Trivia night just around the corner (next week, Friday, April 24th!), one tough team is throwing a little shade! This team, claiming to be able to beat all other teams "in their sleep", is made up of Redeemer's Don and Kathy Matthews, Mas and Joan Sato, Aaron and Sarah Kamer, Michelle Wallace, and Eshan Pua. They have over 362 years of life experience, plus a good balance of youth on their team for the speed and energy any good trivia team needs. Let's take a look and see if they really are all that.

Don and Kathy Matthews have trivia in their blood ever since their daughter met her husband at a trivia competition and polished their trivia skills at their wedding reception. I mean, that does take a lot of commitment to the craft. Their area of expertise is in organic chemistry and biology. They regularly get even more practice in whenever Jeopardy is on. That could be a lot of practice. Their skills are potentially quite sharp.

Mas Sato continues the science tradition of the team with bone biology and pharmacology. I'm not sure how many bone biology questions we're going to get, but I do know that this is the team that will get them right - you can count on that. Joan Sato brings her pop culture knowledge to the team. She really specializes in Snow White and the 7 Dwarves and well as naming Santa's Reindeer. (Hint for the other teams: her weakness is in naming all of the Kardashians).

Really sealing the deal for this team in terms of laying their claim on the science portion of this competition is Aaron and Sarah Kamer. Aaron has got all human anatomy questions covered for these guys. But he is more than just knowledge of the body. He also knows stuff about comic books (that's Marvel AND DC, people) and computer programming jargon. Sarah is a real asset to this team though as she brings knowledge that no one else that we've met so far has: children's literature and classical composers. She's also a foodie which has all kinds of potential to come in handy, especially in the final round, I'm sure.

Michelle is going to be a real teammate to Sarah, pooling her knowledge on classical composers. She claims to have started her classical music education as early as the womb, really favoriting Mozart and Vivaldi. Impressive. She's also the team's expert on philosophy, coffee brewing, and getting free stuff which, as well all know, is really the key to winning trivia competitions. She will really make them tough to beat.

Last but not least is Eshan, the team's language, culture, and geography expert. You'll probably remember, if you attended last year's trivia night competition, that the final question was a geography question, so having Eshan on their team could be a real asset. Plus, if the proctor starts speaking in Chinese, Cantonese, or Spanish, this team will have no problem continuing on like nothing ever happened, thanks to Eshan's proficiencies. As if that wasn't contribution enough, Eshan is also knowledgable on topics of swimming and friendship bracelet making.

So, what do you guys think: definite winners or overconfident? The jury is still out I guess! There's still time to sign up and see if you can dethrone them. Sign up by clicking here. You can also get a little more info on this flyer. Email Todd Dawkins with more questions at Hope to see you there!