YoungLife Hire-A-Kid

Inline image 1 Redeemer Presbyterian has long had a strong relationship with YoungLife in the area and, during the summer, kids who participate in YoungLife have the opportunity to go to YoungLife camp, often called the "best week of their lives." They have to pay their way though, and that means raising money and working hard to do so. Please keep reading to learn about an opportunity for you to help Tech YL kids go to camp while getting some spring maintenance projects done at the same time!


It's Spring! And Tech kids are ready to work their way to camp!

We are asking you to think about some projects you need done (spreading mulch, planting flowers, cleaning out a garage, washing windows, painting a fence, etc), and hire our Tech Young Life kids to do it!

We’ve reserved 4 Saturdays in the coming weeks, and we’re happy to send you a crew of 1 leader and 3-5 Tech kids to do some work for you. We’re charging $100/hour for our crews (with a 2 hour minimum). We're offering discounts for 4 and 6 hour jobs as well!

And yes, we realize you might be able to get the work project accomplished cheaper by other means. But, we hope you’ll agree that part of our philosophy at Young Life is that relationships matter.  They matter between our leaders and our kids, and they matter between you and our kids.  We’d love you to view this as an opportunity to interact with our kids—even if it’s simply greeting them, serving them cold drinks, and welcoming them to your home or workplace.

Thanks for considering contributing to their camp experience! Sign up for your Hire-A-Kid time slot here.